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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld 04



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Possibly one of the most chilling communications in this session - whether true or false, -because of its influence and implications.

He mentions that the greys have love and joy in abundance, but they do not understand fear, anguish, terror and pain, as such they have no idea of what they are doing to all their abductees and the anguish they are causing them, we are lab rats to them.

They lack emotion, they lack contrast, as such they have no conscience.  So we have the combination of a very very intelligent species, without any conscience, who look on us as lab rats .

So we humans are dumb and they are not. On the other hand we do have a planet and they haven't .  And they can't reproduce but we can.  So according to Bashar we are breeding stock and no more and eventually  the hybrids will take over - the humourless ones who cannot know love really because they do not know hate or fear or anger - and have no conscience.

The implications - given the planet is heading for disaster and humans face extinction is that the hybrid greys are simply repeating their mistakes.  That it is the hybrids who are occupying a rather nice planet and trashing it quite effectively and quickly.


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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld 04

So, you've said in the past, one third of the population has been abducted by grey aliens in order for your experiment to be carried out.

It is not our experiment. We are the result of the experiment and it is not exactly an experiment. It is the idea of the continuation of their race through the utilization of your genetic material because the greys are not extraterrestrials as you understand it. They are mutated humans from a parallel reality who destroyed their civilization and destroyed their ability to reproduce, thus requiring viable human genetic material to create a hybrid race that will continue their civilization.

Thus, coming into your parallel reality by agreement on a higher level and utilizing the genetic material from physical bodies that actually represented incarnations of those grey beings on your planet and thus, then creating a new hybrid race or a series of hybrid races, such as one being ourselves that would allow their civilization to continue and at the same time also help uplift your world by delivering information and messages to you about your environment and your ecological imbalance to make sure you would not go down the same road that the greys went down when they destroyed their version of Earth.

But many people are also upset about the fact that they have been used in this experiment.

-It is not an experiment.

 -Sorry, this program.

People are upset. They may have agreed on one level, but many people...

The physical mind does not often remember that such agreements were made and while it does not excuse the idea of the fact that many of your people have been traumatized nothing malicious was intended. But simply misunderstandings in the difference between the greys sense of emotionality and the human sense of emotionality whereas the greys for a long time could simply not relate to the idea of the fear that humans experience because they do not experience the same thing at all.

And thus in knowing that it served a higher purpose they could not fathom the fearful reaction on behalf of humans. But over time they have come to adjust their program to take into account the idea that humans have an emotional base very different from their own and now you will find that the agenda and the program has changed quite drastically.

So, they've learned, and they developed an emotionality which is really, I think...

They have not developed an emotionality so much as they have developed a sense of empathy.

So, these hybrid beings...

Yes. Such as ourselves.

-...are much more feeling.

-In that sense, we are a balance of both worlds and thus then, in the creation of the hybrids the greys allowed us to also begin to interject and assist within this program so as to bring more understanding of the human side into the program.

So, you are feeling. You're feeling love.

-You are an essence of love. –

Yes. We live in a state of unconditional love.

And, you have other emotions: anger, sadness?

We do not choose to experience those things although we always recognize they are possible to be experienced. We do not invalidate them as choices. We simply do not prefer to choose them because we find that at this point in our evolution it simply serves no purpose and we are transparent enough to ourselves to understand there is no reason to express any situation in that way.

So, what do you feel that I could possibly relate to?

Excitement, joy, love, creativity, passion, compassion, empathy, expansion.

I see. And that is a common feeling. So, if something doesn't work out or...

There's no such thing from our perspective as something that does not work out. Something may happen that is unexpected but we rejoice and celebrate in that because we know that it will reveal something to us that heretofore we did not know and so to us, that is cause for celebration.

Aaahh. I see. So, you're always engaging the unknown with excitement.

Absolutely. In that sense, we never see the idea as an obstacle or an impediment but simply a challenge to discover something new we did not know before.

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Anka, Darryl

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