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Zohar - I 062a – The Three strands of spirit



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Zohar I 062a [translated by Gershom Scholem] – The Three strands of spirit

"And Noah begot three sons" {Gen. 6:10}.

Rabbi Hiyya said to Rabbi Judah: About this text, I will tell you what I have heard. This may be compared to a man who went into the recesses of a cave, and two or three children emerged together, widely diverse in character and comportment; one being virtuous, a second evildoing, a third ordinary. Likewise, there are three strands of spirit, moving hither and thither, and they are drawn into three different worlds.

Neshamah {super-soul or holy soul} issues forth and goes in among the mountain passages and there is joined by

Ruah . Then it descends below, and here

Nefesh joins ruah, and the three are linked into a unity.

Rabbi Judah said: Nefesh and ruah are conjoined, while neshamah has its abode in the character of a man, which place remains unknown and undiscovered. If a man strive to a pure life, he is therein assisted by holy neshamah, through the which he is made pure and saintly and attains to the name of holy.

But if he does not strive to be righteous and pure of life, there does not animate him holy neshamah, but only the two grades, nefesh and ruah. More than that, he who enters into impurity is led further into it, and he is deprived of heavenly aid.  Thus each is moved forward upon the way which he takes.

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