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Leibniz - On the Higher spirit, soul and body



Type of Spiritual Experience


god = angel in this context

A description of the experience

In man there is spirit, soul and body: or mind, reason, flesh or sense. Mind considers higher matters, reason things in the middle, and sense inferior matters.

Three worlds, the divine, the Angelic , the sensible.

The superior world contains the inferior. The inferior is the shadow of the superior. An angel has every inferior world in himself in a spiritual manner so that he can display it if he wishes.

God contains all in one and everything tends toward this one; this is the highest good of all things.

Good is internal and external. The first is true, the second falsely called good. Internal good flows from us; external good, as is generally accepted, can be called fortune, and it is not in our power. [Grua]

The source of the experience

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von

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