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Dr Brigham witnesses the raising of a dead boy



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The Secret Science Behind Miracles – Max Freedom Long

 Dr Brigham during one of his field trip in search of rare indigenous plants in Hawaii, took refuge in a coastal village during a very severe storm.  In the storm a native village lad of about 16 was drowned.  All efforts to revive him failed and a kahuna living some distance away was summoned.

The kahuna, an old man, arrived and began work about 8 hours after the accident.  The boy's body was cold and when examined by Dr Brigham shortly before the arrival of the kahuna, seemed to have begun to stiffen in rigor mortis.

The kahuna sat down near the body and set to work to use his psychic powers to learn what had become of the lad's two spirits.  In this work, as he later explained, he had the help of several spirit friends.  The boy's selves were found wandering in a confused state, and brought back to the body, being urged to remain there and make every possible effort to re-enter it.

The body was warmed and while the kahuna applied his hands to it, he gave of his own vital force.  He also used verbal suggestion to cause the return into the body, using as a physical stimulus a stroking and squeezing as if the spirits were re-entering by way of one of the big toes and was being squeezed up the leg into the body.  The kahuna also invoked the 'god' (Higher Self) asking for aid.

After about an hour he announced that the spirits of the boy were entering the body.  Gradually the flesh became warmer.  The heart began to beat and the boy opened his eyes.  The recovery was so rapid that in a short time he was asking for food.

Dr Brigham, greatly impressed by the demonstration of kahuna magic, asked many questions of the kahuna, learning little beyond the fact that the 'god' whose aid had been given was one of the Aumakuas or parental and greatly trustworthy spirits who have formerly been men living in bodies on earth.

He kept track of the Hawaiian lad for a number of years and there seemed never to have been appreciable after effects from the death by drowning.

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