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Turvey, Vincent – The beginnings of Seership – 'I,' 'Me,' and ‘It’



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The beginnings of Seership – Vincent Turvey

'I,' 'Me,' and ‘It’.

One afternoon a few weeks ago I went to sleep on the sofa; after a time, probably about forty minutes, I became aware that there was an indistinct conversation going on somewhere very near me.

Knowing that all my people were out and that my house stands detached in its own grounds, I wondered what it meant. Then I realized that I was asleep and was "hearing" clair-audiently, and that those who were conversing were not “spirits," but some one inside me and some one outside of me, and yet part of me, because both voices were "Turvey" in language, etc.

I caught no sentence, save here and there a word or two such as "understand-no condition-not yet," etc.

Then I heard the sentence, "But you had better wake it up now, as there is a man coming to the house in a minute."

I woke and had just enough time to throw off my rug and smooth my hair with my hand, when the front door bell rang. As I did not expect a visitor, it was not a fixed thought that woke me, as is a common experience with everyone.

I do not intend to offer any theory, and will only say that the nearest simile I can give to describe my feelings is this: Let us suppose that a shop can hear people talking; that the shop is in charge of a manager, and that the owner never or rarely visits the shop.

Well! I felt as if the brain was the shop, which overheard the manager receiving private orders from the owner, who had unexpectedly called on him. For the present I hold the theory that it was the Ego talking to the sub-conscious mind about the future work that the brain had to do.

The Ego was "boss" in every sense of the word-hence my headline "'I,' 'Me,' and “It.’”

I am only sure of four things: that "wake it up " meant wake up my body; that one voice appeared to be inside the body (about the solar plexus); that the voices were not the voices of people in or near the house; and that I did not expect a visitor.

I am fairly certain that the commanding voice (owner of the shop) was not a separate entity, and I am pretty sure that I was not dreaming. I may say that my sensations were, of course, realized after I was awakened.

Yours, etc.


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Turvey, Vincent N

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