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Krishnamurti - The Network of Thought - Eradicating dented pride



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This category seems somewhat trivial in comparison with Krishnamurti's other insights, but dented pride can lead to a complete loss of confidence by a person and make their lives a misery.  So the category is a serious one.  In effect, Krishnamurti is advising us:

  • Not to fantasise about our self image, to be realistic about who we are and what we can do
  • Not to build an image of ourself, just say 'we are who we are',  unique and meant to be unique, unlike any other for a reason, know yourself but don't build an image of yourself [there is a difference]
  • Do not compare yourself with anyone else – you are here to follow your own star, there will be people at any time who are 'better' than you in your chosen profession and also those who are not as good as you in that profession.  But your profession may not be why you are here.   

A description of the experience

J.  Krishnamurti – The Network of Thought

We are hurt because we have built an image about ourselves.  That is a fact.  When one says 'I am hurt' it is the image that one has about oneself that is hurt.  Somebody comes along and puts his heavy boot on that image and one gets hurt.  One gets hurt through comparison 'I am this but somebody else is better'.  As long as one has an image about oneself one is going to get hurt.  That is a fact and if one does not pay attention to that fact, but retains an image of oneself of any kind somebody is going to put a pin into it and one is going to get hurt.

If one has an image about oneself as addressing large audiences and being famous, having gained a reputation which one wants to maintain, then someone is going to hurt it – somebody else with a bigger audience.  If one gives complete attention to the image one has about oneself – attention, not concentration but attention – then one will see that the image has no meaning and it disappears

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Krishnamurti, Jiddu

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