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Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Infinite - Form and function



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Emmanuel SwedenborgThe Infinite and the final cause of creation

We see that man has numerous members, numerous senses and a large faculty of reasoning, also numerous internal parts.

If we fix upon any of the parts, as for instance the cerebrum, it again has numerous parts of its own, both membranes, substances, nerves, marrows and other appendages, besides fluids;  And the rest of the body the same.  When we examine its parts, we find them severally furnished with manifold arteries, fibres, tendons and tunics and possessing a fine mechanical adaptation for every movement they are intended to perform.

If we consider the parts one by one, in every nerve we see numbers of membranes, numbers of branches and infinite details and if we take any part of these again, we find numbers of vessels of different classes, and the same if we take parts of parts and repeat the observation.  Then if we choose to exalt vision by the microscope, how much more still shall we bring to light!

Yet all these objects and details have arisen out of one seed – out of one primitive substance

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Swedenborg, Emanuel

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