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Jacques Hadamard - The mathematical problem of the mother of Leonard Eugene Dickson



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Hugely complex as an observation.  This was not blue sky thinking as the solution was known.  As such the solution could have been obtained via a bridge to the teacher, or by access to the functions of the spiritual world at large - depending on the problem.  I favour the former.

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An Essay on the Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field – Jacques Hadamard

Although one cannot assert the absolute non existence of ‘mathematical dreams’, Mailllet’s inquiries show that they cannot be considered as having a serious significance [in research based mathematics].  Only one remarkable observation is reported by the prominent American mathematician, Leonard Eugene Dickson, who can positively assert its accuracy.

His mother and her sister, who at school were rivals in geometry, had spent a long and futile evening over a certain problem.  During the night, his mother dreamed of it and began developing the solution in a loud and clear voice; her sister, hearing that, arose and took notes.  On the following morning in class, she happened to have the right solution which Dickson’s mother failed to know

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Hadamard, Jacques

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