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Blake, William - So sang a Fairy mocking as he sat on a streaked Tulip



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Number of hallucinations: 1


Blake's "A Sunshine Holiday"...

A description of the experience

William Blake – from The Complete Poems

So sang a Fairy mocking as he sat on a streaked Tulip
Thinking none saw him; when he ceased I started from the trees
And caught him in my hat as boys knock down a butterfly
How know you this said I small Sir?  Where did you learn this song?
Seeing himself in my possession thus he answered me
My master, I am yours, command me, for I must obey

Then tell me, what is the material world and is it dead?
He laughing answered; I will write a book on leaves of flowers
If you will feed me on love-thoughts and give me now and then
A cup of sparkling poetic fancies, so when I am tipsie
I’ll sing to you to this soft lute and show you all alive
The world, when every particle of dust breathes forth its joy

I took him home in my warm bosom, as we went along
Wild flowers I gathered and he showed me each eternal flower
He laughed aloud to see them whimper because they were plucked
They hovered round me like a cloud of incense; …

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Blake, William

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