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Asclepius - The class persists, begetting copies of itself



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Asclepius – Hermes Trismegistus

Each kind of living thing, Asclepius, no matter whether mortal or immortal, rational or irrational, whether ensouled or soulless, every one has the appearance of its kind in keeping with its relation to the kind.

And although each kind of living thing possesses the whole form of its kind, within that same form each of them differs from the other; for example, although mankind is one in form, so that a human can be distinguished on sight, each person within the same form differs from the others. 

For the class is divine and incorporeal, as is anything apprehended by mind. 

Therefore since these two components that make up forms are bodies and the non bodily, it is impossible for any form to come to be in close similarity with another at distant points of time and latitude. 

The forms change as often as the hour has moments in the turning circle where the god resides whom we have called Omniform. 

The class persists, begetting copies of itself as often, as many and as diverse as the rotation of the world has moments.  As it rotates the world changes, but the class neither changes nor rotates.  Thus the forms of each kind persist, though within the same form there are differences

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Hermes Trismegistus

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