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Mayo, Jeff - Time in reality is fictitious



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Jeff Mayo Astrology

Time in reality is fictitious.  It is a convenient form of measurement invented by man.  Is it?  The dynamic patterns of growth and evolution in all forms of Earth life or created by the apparent attraction and repulsion of gaseous and solid bodies hurtling in fantastic profusion and beauty through cosmic space, reveal to the scientist and astronomer irrefutable rhythms and time patterns – which in the case of the planets can be verified by the astronomer’s ability to forecast exactly to the fraction of a degree in space where a certain planet will be for any given moment in the future


What does this mean?  Time in terms of man’s identifying moments or periods of observable growth, change, movement of body from one point to another point in space, can correspond exactly to mathematical patterns or formulae.  This is not just sheer coincidence.  It is known that the interval between two successive transits of the same star over the same point on Earth is equal to 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds of mean solar time.  Space and time (using matter as the relative measuring device) are indivisible.

All measurements of time are really measurements in space; conversely measurements in space depend on measurements of time

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Mayo, Jeff

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