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Watson, Lyall - Water as an aggregate



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It may not at first be apparent why I have chosen this observation, but it very succinctly shows that the properties or functions of water are very specific, have no relation to the oxygen and hydrogen from which it has been made and seem to be 'designed' for a very specific purpose.  It has been 'engineered' to do certain jobs.

Furthermore the fact there is water at all on this planet is not accidental.

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Lyall Watson – The Water Planet

Water is a scientific freak.  It has the rare and distinctive property of being denser as a liquid than a solid and is the only chemical compound that can be found naturally in solid, liquid, or gaseous states.  It is also a powerful reagent, capable in time of dissolving any other substance on the planet.  Nothing is safe from it, and yet this unique substance is colourless, odourless and tasteless.  It irrigates all of earth, forming 15% of even dry dust and covering 71% of the globe completely………..We are born of water   and need to be sustained by it.  It has been so ever since the first living cells, each with its own little reservoir, appeared somewhere in the 326 million cubic  miles of water that keep the surface of this planet within very narrow and liveable limits.............

The bald account of earth’s creation makes it sound inevitable.  It wasn’t.  For water to exist at all, in any form there had to be a set of cosmic ‘coincidences’ so inherently unlikely that they are hard to distinguish from miracles of design.

Water cannot come to be without hydrogen  and , by all the laws of physics, there should be none of that gas left on earth.  Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements and a planet of our size simply does not have enough gravity to hold on to it.  Most hydrogen has, in fact, escaped into space.  But just enough, around 1%, was captured and condensed and held in combination with other heavier elements such as carbon and silicon and sulphur.  And it stayed there until the planet had cooled to a point where it was exactly the right density and size to hold onto the free hydrogen seeping from the rocks of the crust – as long as each pair of such fleeting atoms was anchored to a single heavier atom of oxygen, as water.


Nobody has ever seen  a water molecule.  All we have are theoretical diagrams and equations

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Watson, Lyall

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