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Evolutionary Rationalism In Dr. V.L. Raikov’s Mosaic Model Of Consciousness - Systems of the universe



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Evolutionary Rationalism In Dr. V.L. Raikov’s Mosaic Model Of Consciousness  -  N.D. Tvorogova, Russia, Moscow

Dr. V. L. Raikov shared the following ideas, talking about it. The Universe evolves in such a way that the process of its evolutionary development is governed by a system of specific fundamental laws.

The evolution of both living and inanimate (inorganic) matter is, therefore, programmed.

This system of universal laws ensures the implementation of this program. What kind of a program is it? It is the program that makes some orderly and appropriate form of existence of this world possible.

The goal that the system of universal laws sets is to create an opportunity for life, consciousness and mind to appear; to create self -organized systems. This goal would never be possible for any system to achieve unless it had some kind of «mind» or «consciousness» itself. Dr. V.L. Raikov  believes that these fundamental laws are primary and it’s because of them that human consciousness and human life became possible.

The man can become aware of these fundamental laws and then make up his mind how he should act. That’s what the process of self-organization is about. Consciousness contains:

 (a) a program of a living being’s existence (a genetic, in-born program of living that’s in alignment with all the mysteries of life and all the laws of life; this «secret» program of living governs this living being’s life); and

(b) a program of the species’ existence (that governs the life of all the living beings of the same kind, belonging to this group).

These two programs are like one: program (a) is a part of program (b). Yet, the man is almost always sure that he is the absolute master of his own consciousness and can always control it, because it submits only to his will, depends on his plans and always serves him well.

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Raikov, Professor Vladimir L

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