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Jacob Boehme – Aurora - Chapter 2.

25  Now if we consider rightly of the Sun and Stars [Planets] with their corpus or ‘body’, operations and qualities, then the very divine being may be found therein and we may find that the virtues of the stars are nature itself

26  If the whole wheel circumference or sphere of the stars be well considered, then it is soon found that the same is the mother of all things, or the nature out of which all things are come, and wherein all things stand and live, and whereby everything moveth; all things are made of these powers, and therein they all abide eternally

48  No more could the earth bring forth any fruit, nor could there grow any metals, as gold, silver, copper, iron or stones, if the stars did not work in them; nor could there grow any grass without the operation of the stars

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Boehme, Jacob

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