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Bailey, Philip James - from Universal Hymn 01



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God is, our Lord, our Sire;
Not chaos, chance, nor matter; law inert,
Unconscious; nor ourselves, contingent, weak,
Who might have been, as now, or not have been.
Chance hurled him prostrate in the dust when asked
The crucial question; chaos cowled his head
In twice redoubled darkness, witting nought;
Mute matter heard not; no! it was mind most skilled
All made by one omnific word; all named
His children; laid on every head His hand,
Whose radiant impress shows there still; and dowered
With natural life, second to nought save soul.
Wherefore, bright worlds, your parent spirit exalt;
Leap 'mid your solar dance; with awful mirth
Joy in yourselves and gladden in your God.

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Bailey, Philip James

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