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Gaskell, Walter Holbrook - The Origin of Vertebrates



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We are apt to assume that the design process was one of progressive positive change, but there do seem to be indications that the design of form has not been without ‘blunders’.  In fact it would be better to call it a design dead end – a solution which needs to be abandoned and a new one sought.

This example shows that a fresh start had to be made and indeed it was in the shape of the vertebrates.

There is also an indication in the extract that the acquisition and provision of a processor to support the function of ‘mind’ was of more importance strategically

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W H Gaskell – The Origin of Vertebrates

At the time when vertebrates first appeared, the direction and progress of variation in the Arthropeda was leading, owing to the manner in which the brain was pierced by the oesophagus, to a terrible dilemma. 

Either the capacity for taking in food without sufficient intelligence to capture it, or intelligence sufficient to capture food and no power to consume it.

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Gaskell, Walter Holbrook

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