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Leibniz - Whatever moves is being constantly created



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is pure oriental thought. 

In effect, all is spirit in reality.  There is some spirit that animates - function - and some we perceive as form - congealed spirit.  The perceived form only exists because it executes like a computer program -  is constantly on the move.  Thus form is in the continuous act of being created and perceptions are simply a trail or log of previous states of that form.

Leibniz appears to have visualised it like a series of snapshots or the frames in a movie film, where frame after frame when replayed give the impression of smooth actual movement whereas no smoothness exists.  One moment one is in one state, the the function executes, and a new state is born. 

In theory, one supposes that if total stillness occurred of all bodily parts - no activity at all of anything physical in the body, one would disappear as a form -  dematerialise.

A description of the experience

Whatever moves is continuously created and bodies are something at any instant in assignable motion, but that they are nothing at any time midway between the instants in motion.

The source of the experience

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm von

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