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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh - Kitab Sharh al-Ziyara - Nothing is which does not have its Treasury with Us



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Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’i – Kitab Sharh al-Ziyara [translated by  Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson]

The imaginative Forms are not part of the world of visible objects; he makes them apparent in a mirror, which is of exactly the same nature as their world…..

That is why I personally should say that the imaginative Forms are not merely creations of the Imagination but they are a creation of the creator of the Imagination….

If the thing belongs to the world of the Malakut, it is revealed there directly; if it belongs to the visible material world, the faculties of sensory perception have first to extract the form and project it onto the sensus communis, which transmits it to the imagination….

Bodies, as we have already said, are things which have come down from ‘archetypal Treasuries’ to this terrestrial world….

[As the Qu’ran says] ‘Nothing is which does not have its Treasury with Us, and we send them down only in strict measure (15:21)

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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh

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