Spiritual concepts

Data stores

Data stores are permanent storage areas within the spiritual world, which contain data that is either used to execute the systems of the universe or which has been accumulated from Perceptions – thus an aggregated and summarised view of what we have created.

The data stores are part of the overall master Database in the spiritual world.  One should perhaps conceive of them as types of file within the database, organised around defined classes of things.

Thus there is a Data store for Memory, for Perceptions , for Desires, for Obligations, and thus for all types of class of thing.

Data stores can be ‘distributed’ .  All this means is that the master data store might be copied when it is allocated to each physical thing.  We each have the Data store  Memory and we each have the data store Perceptions .

In the diagram below, which is the one I have used throughout the site as the Model of our mind, the data stores are the yellow rectangular boxes.

The Model


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