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Krishna, Gopi - the kundalini experience - powers gained



Type of Spiritual Experience


Two options:

  • Communication with people of these nationalities
  • Access to a spiritual store of this information

A description of the experience

Gopi Krishna – Kundalini the evolutionary energy in man

After a short rest, feeling somewhat restored to health, I no longer felt it necessary to resist the impulse and submitted to the elevating moods at opportune times.

One day when I had obeyed the unspoken direction for relaxing my mind to prepare myself for reception and had sunk deeply enough to reach the subtle emanations from the amazing conscious source within, yet tantalisingly out of my reach, I felt a thrill of deep excitement not unmixed with fear pass through every fibre of my being when the signal flashed across my now quiescent mind to make myself ready for taking down a piece in German.

I came back from the semi trance condition with a ferment in my mind, unable to reconcile myself to the idea that such a weird performance could ever be possible.  I had never learned German, nor seen a book written in the language, nor to the best of my knowledge ever heard it spoken in my presence, and yet I was expected to write down a poem in it which in plain terms meant a complete negation of the time honoured truth that language is an acquired and not inherited possession.

German was followed by French and Italian.  Then came a few verses in Sanskrit followed by Arabic.

The source of the experience

Krishna, Gopi

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