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There are two main possibilities.

The first is that this was indeed celestial music and his composer was giving him a clue by saying it came from the stars - Music of the spheres.

The second is that it was an existing song, it was just that he had never ever heard it before and his composer had gained access to it either from the perceptions of someone else, or from the 'datastores' of music - Towers of Song

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@anon168336 – Is the music something you have heard before, or is it entirely new to you? I have dreamed up original songs before, and though I often can't remember the entire song after I wake up, I can remember enough of it to build a new song around.

Whatever is going on in my dream influences the lyrics and the tone of the music. I recently had a dream about a dance set to music underneath the stars, and after waking up, I could remember the piano music, as well as the melody and the words, “Under the stars.”

Whether these qualify as hallucinations, I don't know. There certainly wasn't any actual music being played in the room where I slept, but upon waking, I did have the mental capacity to realize I had dreamed the music.

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