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Schrodinger, Erwin - What is Life - The Word as programming language



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Even in the 1940s, before [modern] computers had really taken off, Schrodinger was able to see the potential of using codes to represent ‘matter’ and ‘instructions’ for matter. The principle he describes is clear from the quote. Quadrillions upon quadrillions of ‘words’ can be formed from just a few basic states on/off, dot/dash, 0/1, vibrate/not vibrate.  Schrodinger was remarkably close when he conceived of a complex ‘language’ within the spirit world which nevertheless is formed of very simple basic states. 

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Erwin Schrödinger – What is Life?

Think of the Morse code.  The two different signs of dot and dash in well ordered groups of not more than four allow of 30 different specifications.  Now, if you allowed yourself the use of a third sign, in addition to dot and dash and used groups of not more than 10, you could form 88,572 different ‘letters’; with 5 signs and groups up to 25, the number of letters allowed becomes

372,529,029,846,191,405 ……………..

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Schrodinger, Erwin

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