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Jung, C G - Memories, Dreams and Reflections - Timelessness



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C G Jung – Memories, Dreams, Reflections

A complete picture of the world would require the addition of still another dimension, only then could the totality of phenomenon be given a unified explanation.  Hence it is that the rationalists insist to this day that parapsychological experiences do not really exist, for their world view stands or falls by this question. 

If such phenomena occur at all, the rationalist picture of the universe is invalid, because incomplete.  Then the possibility of another valued reality behind the phenomenal world becomes inescapable and we must face the fact that our world with its time, space and causality, relates to another order of things lying behind or beneath it in which neither here and there nor earlier or later are of importance. 

I have been convinced that at least part of our psychic experience is characterised by a relativity of time and space.  This relativity seems to increase in proportion to the distance from consciousness to an absolute condition of timelessness and spacelessness

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Jung, Carl Gustav

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