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Steiner, Rudolf - How to Know Higher Worlds - Beyond Birth and Death



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Rudolf Steiner – How to Know Higher Worlds

Whoever has achieved spiritual sight has gained a great deal, for things reveal themselves not only in their present state of being but also in their stages of formation and passing away. Everywhere he begins to see the spirit hidden from the physical eyes. And thus he has taken the first step towards penetrating with his own vision behind the mystery of birth and death. For the outer senses, being comes into existence at birth and passes away on death. But that is only because these senses do not perceive the hidden spirit of the being. For the spirit, birth and death are merely transformations, ….. But if we wish to gain direct knowledge of this through our own vision we must first waken the necessary spiritual sense.

For the point is not that I arbitrarily create visions for myself, but that reality creates them in me.  The truth must well up from the depths of my own soul; but the magician who conjures forth the truth must not be my ordinary ego but the actual beings whose spiritual reality I want to behold.

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Steiner, Rudolf

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