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I was diagnosed with PTSD.

Ever since I was young I had believed I was dead due to the sleep paralysis; Groundhog day (false wakening);

horrific hallucinations; OBE's, paralysis, demons, alien abduction experiences, nightmares, lucid dreams,

poltergeists in the bedroom (or so it seemed).

I had been to the doctors loads of times during those years, all thought it was down to nerves. Someone else when I was older thought it was schizophrenia. Finally when I saw a psychiatrist and told her more about my life, I was told it was PTSD.

So take a look at your own experiences everyone. Is there a possibility that your body has been trying to send you a message?

I discovered that after talking it through, about 95 percent of my symptoms disappeared within a short while. I was never given any medication as it was thought to suppress the emotions.


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