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Mudras - Savasana - the 'Offering mudra'



Type of Spiritual Experience


Savasana is a yogi pose, but it is also used in Zen Buddhism and the description of its efficacy comes from a book on Zen meditation techniques.

I have extracted some of the instructions, you need the book to get all the implications.

A description of the experience

The Book of Life – Roshi Jiyu-Kennett and Rev Daizui MacPhillamy

The mudra of offering is primarily a spiritual mudra.  It is helpful when there is so much love in a person and so few oportunities to express it fully that it builds up and causes pain.  It is also good when sadness builds up .... on account of all the suffering in the world.  This mudra can be used for exhaustion, especially spiritual and mental exhaustion, sadness or grief.  It can also be used by those with karmic memories of having suffered or caused suffering.  It helps with tension, pain and stiffness

However innumerable beings may be, I vow to save them all
However inexhaustible the passions are, I vow to transform them all
However limtless the Dharma is, I vow to understand it completely
However infinite the Buddha's Truth is, I vow to attain it.

Be willing for all that is of the Lord to pass through your left hand and enter your heart by the route shown.  Be willing to offer up to the Lord all within you from your heart across your chest and out of your right hand.  Want to do this with your whole being.





The source of the experience

Zen Buddhism

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