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Cassandra is inspired to write a poem that took the form of a lengthy epic



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Dr Yvonne Kason – Farther Shores

This is from Cassandra a housewife and mother:

Since my, twenties, I have been actively involved in my own spiritual journey. It began when I took a course in meditation in which I had a mystical vision. That abruptly changed my life. I began to practice meditation, prayer, and self-reflection regularly.

Soon the pursuit of spiritual understanding became the main focus of my life.  Eventually I began to do yoga and martial arts. I steadfastly continued my meditation and spiritual practices for years, without feeling that I had any further spiritual experiences.

When I was in my late thirties, however, I developed strong kundalini symptoms: heat, piercing back pain energy rushes, and sometimes I went into spontaneous yoga postures. I suddenly developed an over-whelming urge to write poetry. I found that rhyming couplets relating to spiritual themes would float into my consciousness. As I wrote them down, more and more would flow into my mind. Eventually a poem-pages in length-would take shape. Sometimes the process of producing a poem occurred rapidly; at other times parts of the poem would come to me over several weeks.

Gradually the poem took the form of a lengthy epic.

I was amazed by this development. I had never thought of myself as a person who had any ability as a poet.

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