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Mrs G prophesies in 1937 that on May 10th, 1941, there would be a memorable air raid on London



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as quoted in Tyrrell, G N M - The Personality of Man

August, 1937. Mrs. G. wrote [to Tyrell]:

"I dreamt I was talking to a number of people in a street and saw A.A. through a gap in a broken wall, sitting in a cellar below ground-floor level. I told him he reminded me of the prison at Tangier (which was visible through a grating in the base of the outer wall). Somebody said something about 'May 10th' and I said: 'That is very significant and I will remember that date."'

On May 10th, 1941, A.A.'s house in E Street received a direct hit from a bomb and was completely destroyed except for the basement. He was not there.

Although initials only are given here, the full names were given in the dream.

Again, we see the dramatic character of the dream. A.A., who was fortunately not in his house when it was hit, did not at any time sit in the cellar among the ruins. He was evidently placed there in the dream to indicate to whom the ruined house belonged.

At the time of the dream (1937) Mrs. G. had no thought that the ruined house she saw had been wrecked by a bomb. Bombing did not occur to her. The day of the month on which the house was destroyed, given in the dream, makes chance-coincidence very unlikely, as the dream took place three years and nine months before the event when no one was thinking of bombed houses.

May 10th, 1941, it will be remembered, was the date of a memorable air raid on London.

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