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The source is Barbara Cane, who provided this account to the neuroscientist Dr Peter Fenwick:

Cane was sitting with her ninety-year-old mother, who had been hospitalized for treatment of pneumonia in December 2005. The lady was lucid, her oxygen levels and blood pressure were stable, according to nurses, and Cane's family was discussing their Christmas plans, among other subjects.

At the same time, however, her mother became aware of "these people" who were in the room. She referred to them periodically, as they apparently drew closer and closer to her bed. Not in a menacing, creeping way, but gently and incrementally.

Finally, Cane said, "she said she wouldn't be there the next day, as 'these people' would 'pick her up when she fell and take her on a journey.'

The following day, which was Christmas Eve, the ill woman died.

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