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Jaundice cured by the three ghostly doctors



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Jenny Randles – Supernatural Pennines

Mrs Ellis from Halifax told me what happened to her in the autumn of 1942 when she was only nine.

Because it was wartime, blackout restrictions were in force and being ill with jaundice she was left alone in a dark room as the long evening wore on. Only a dim fire illuminated the surroundings as she looked out across the moors with the spectacular view that her window provided.

Suddenly …. everything became remarkably quiet and still, and time slowed to a halt.

A brilliant blue-white glow had now appeared between the window and bed, and out of it stepped three figures. They were seemingly human but glowing a silver white. Looking and acting like ghosts they floated to the foot of the bed, seemed to look at the little girl and then promptly went up to the wall as if it were not there and walked right through it! At the same time the big white glow just disappeared.

This apparently frightening event did not instil terror -as under any normal circumstances it surely would do, even in an adult. There was an odd sense of calmness that filled Mrs Ellis.

She has, of course asked herself across the years whether this was just a dream or hallucination… All she can tell us is that it seemed completely real…. The most curious aspect was the way that next morning her jaundice had completely vanished.

She had been suffering quite badly and the prognosis was for a slow recovery with wartime medicines in short supply.  But somehow or other, inevitably perhaps, she thinks her salvation came as a consequence of this visit by the ‘three ghostly doctors’

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