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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Observations placeholder

Sickness and sleep deprivation



Type of Spiritual Experience

Out of body

Number of hallucinations: 1



The spelling and description have been left as they were on the forum

Sleep deprivation can simply mean the person has tried to stay awake when their body was too sick to carry on.

I hope he eventually gets to undestand and follows instructions

A description of the experience


 During the middle of the day i had an unusual spontanious desire that i needed to sleep, i was tired but it onset fairly quickly. I am a little bit sick so i figured i was just fatigued. ………… As for a fever, i'm not sick enough for that explanation i believe, only a minor chest infection it would seem, just congestion, which i assumed accounted for the initial fatigue. The women i did not know, currently my mother lives with me, though she is not here permanently. It did not look like her, it looked like a younger woman, in her twenties, black hair, neat sort of short dress possibly. Though i think the more i think about her, the more i create a memory rather then a recollection of the memory.

As i closed my eyes i dozed of quite fast. Even though my eyes were closed, i could still see my bedroom, i could not 'see' it see it, but i could understand and acknowledge the geometric patterns and existing space. I could see in pure dark that i was at the end of a dark cable, i could not make out the cable, or what was on the other end. I was conscious enough to think to myself i am just thinking of this as i drift away to sleep. Sometime later i had a couple of unusually, gloomy styled weird dreams that were not frightening at all, just a gloomy atmosphere. I was in a 2nd hand shop with a friend and noticed a jacket that looked like the red one michael jackson used to wear, i picked it up and said "hey, michael jackson". At this point I, for some reason (it felt like a trigger), decided to wake up. I tried to wake myself up, and as i did, i left the dream. I don't remember being in any kind of space at all. I was now under sleep paralysis, which has only happened to me one time before, at least 6+ months ago. The first time it was frightening, but this time i was not scared at all. My body felt thick, almost as if there were magnets acting in some way on all points of my body.

I began to hear a slight ringing in my ears, then this vibration began to sound, it got louder and louder and louder. the best way i can describe it was as a wave being violently and radically drawn by a needle on a polygraph test, but on the same spot. It was incredibly loud and overpowering, it blocked everything else out. I began to hallucinate, i don't remember the initial hallucinations. I could see the sound i was hearing being visualized in the center of my room. I could see a gold ball of light in the center of my vision, with a white wave like pattern in a box in front of it, almost blocking my vision of it. It was continuously moving in rythmn with the sound i was hearing. I could see my room in the background, though it was faded out in black and white. I tried to move again, but to no avail. At this point i felt my body lift off the bed, limb by limb. I could feel myself moving which is when my point of perspective changed, i was now outside of my body in the corner of the room looking at the center. I could see my body in the side of my vision bent, legs outstretched, chest up straight and arms extended, i could not see my head. It began to rotate, spin and flip quietly. My perspective changed back and forth between my body and the environment. I began to hear someone scream, as if someone walked into the room and saw my lifeless body floating in the air doing flips. I could see a woman to my left from the perspective of my body, i did not recognize her, but she was looking at me and screaming, i could hear the very faint screams in the background of the hugely intense vibration. I was hallucinating this entire time, but i cannot remember the initial hallucinations, but i know they were happening simultaneously to the gold ball of light and wave pattern which was consistantly in my experience/vision.

I was not scared at all, fear is not the right word to use, nor is terror, it was more of an incomprehensible acknowledgement of the unknown, a peak of startlement. I had a sense of linear time, i acknowledged that this process had started, and had been going on for some time, it could have been 40 seconds or 15 minutes, i did not know. But i then had a desire to embrace this nightmarish experience. The whole time i felt like i was at the will of some huge database of information, that i had access too and it was all flooding into me and i was not prepared for such an experience. The only language based thought i had this entire time was "show me something". I had purely an intent to be shown something. The very moment i thought this, i saw tree line, possibly pine trees, on a hill, at night. I could see the stars faintly in the background. Then i saw a large ball of light come in from the left hand side, like a meteorite entering the atmosphere.

My first thought was, "is that all?" I was not happy with this experience or what i was being told, it was not enough, it was not intense enough, it did not contain enough information, it was not lucid enough, colorful enough or prophetic enough. I thought to myself again "is that all you got?". At this point i tried to wake myself up again (i guess due to my dissatisfaction, though i sort of did not want it to end, but it felt like my physical body was trying to pull me back), i tried to spit out my mouth a little bit, but all i could do was pucker my lips. this was nearing the end of the experience and i don't remember when it ended, but i remember being back in my body, in my bed, with my eyes closed, completely unwilling to open them. As my acknowledgement of the hallucination having subsided, i saw, in the center of my vision rainbow coloured lines leaving a middle point, i was only looking at one, but i could see others in my peripheral vision. It moved only 2 dimensionally, up down, left right. It looked strikingly similar to that snake game you use to get on early mobile phones. As this dissipated i opened my eyes and saw that i was under the covers of the bed and i had not pushed away the sheets (which i remember doing because i was hot and restless), i looked at my phone to check the message i dreamed i received, but i did not have any messages. I laid in bed for a few minutes totally shocked just thinking to myself, over and over "holy f**k, what the f**k just happened".


I would have to say, this is the most amazing experience of my life, it's intensity is still lingering within me, it induced excitement and astonishment within me. I had to go outside afterwards to make sure the world was still here and for some time after, and currently still am, seeing little balls of light or particles floating or moving around the atmosphere around me, depending on the backgrounds amount of light.

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Ordinary person

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