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from the Stargate Chronicle - Joe McMoneagle

Hartleigh fared much worse than I, because the subsequent testing of his leg pain proved to be a result of cancer that had developed in the muscle mass and bones of his hip. When he first started going to Walter Reed Medical Center, they believed he was suffering with essentially what I was dealing with, disc problems. A.frer numerous treatments, they decided to operate to correct the problem. When they opened him up they found no problems with his disc. After the operation he continued running a low-grade fever and they eventually discovered the mass in his upper leg and diagnosed him as having Hodgkin's disease...

When Hartleigh finally died, I was standing beside his bed with his wife, in the hospital near where he lived in Maryland. He had been delirious, and in and out of consciousness for more than a day.
When his end was near, his eyes suddenly popped open and he smiled at us. "It's really quite beautiful where I'm going," he said. Then he commented about how full the room was with all of his friends (only his wife and I were standing there. It was clear to me that a lot of people he knew had come to see him off or were there to greet him when he passed over.  It seemed a happy day for him.  No more pain.

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