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The Ancestors - Stonehenge - UFOs and explosions



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Not a experience but an indicator that Stonehenge as a sacred site is at least in part astronomically geared


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Paul Devereux – Earth Mysteries

 a dramatic event was experienced by a photographer in the late 1940s, a day before the summer solstice.  He knew that on that particular day the sun would be undergoing a partial eclipse as it rose, and he wanted to capture on film the dramatic sight of the sun’s partly darkened ring disc rising behind the Heel stone.  As he waited patiently for sunrise, there was a loud report, and what he described as ‘a ball of fire’ hurtled out of the sky and slammed into the ground a few yards away.  Lightball phenomena are rare, and to have one occur at Stonehenge, virtually at the solstice and at the time of a partial eclipse naturally suggests some unusual properties about the site

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