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From Death Bed Visions – Sir William Barrett

On Wednesday, December 29th 1869, my father, who was dangerously ill at the time, awoke

From a sleep, and raising himself up in the bed pointed and looked most intently to the corner of the room and said to us (my sister Mary and me),

'Look! Don't you see ? it is my poor boy Bob’s head ! ' Then turning to me, he said, ‘Norman Town, don't forget, Gulf of Carpentaria’.

He then sank back exhausted. This happened about three pm. 

We found, after his death, he had entered the address in red ink in his pocket book my brother having left Bourke Town and gone  to Norman Town - so that the next packet of letters were sent there.

My father died on Thursday Dec 30th 1869.

When my brother returned from Australia a few years after, he told us that one night, whilst camping out, he had gone to rest and had slept, and he awoke seeing my father's head distinctly in one part of his tent. It made such an impression on him that he went to his mate in the adjoining tent and said,

'I have seen my father; you must come and stay with me.'

By the next mail he received my letter telling him of my father's death.

My brother said it must have been about three a.m. when he saw my father. Would not that correspond with our three p.m. ? I always think they must have seen each other at the same time.

(Signed) Alice Ellis and Mary Ellis

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