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Premonitions: A leap in to the future – Herbert Greenhouse [1971]


Ann Jensen's crystal ball often acts as a therapeutic aid, mirroring the problems of people who come to her and projecting symbolic pictures that may give answers. One day a mother brought her fourteen-year-old boy to Mrs. Jensen's home in Dallas, Texas, for some crystal-ball therapy. The boy had been having problems in school.

Perhaps the crystal ball, in its mysterious way, would come up with a suggestion.

While the boy's mother waited in the next room, Mrs. Jensen and her charge sat in front of the crystal ball and waited. The surface of the ball clouded over, the mist then dissipated, and there-sprawled in a basket chair-was a large brown bear. What did this bear have to do with the young boy? Had he been reading a story about a brown bear? The lad shook his head no. Had he been to a zoo recently? No. Then why the bear? Mrs. Jensen and the boy stared hard into the ball, but the bear just sat there and stared back.

Mrs. Jensen called the boy's mother, and she came into the room and looked at the bear. Thus another person besides Mrs. Jensen could see the bear in the crystal ball, and neither one understood what the picture meant.

Mrs. Jensen took her guests to their car, then walked back to her porch slowly, puzzling over the mystery. She picked up her morning newspaper and read on the front page about a bear that had been found in a back yard by a boy. According to the story, the boy kept insisting the bear was in the yard, but his mother paid no attention to him.

Finally she went outside, saw the bear and screamed.

In the photo over the article, a brown bear was sitting in a basket chair, in the identical sprawl of the bear in the crystal-ball scene. In some way the boy who came to Mrs. Jensen for help had identified with the other boy, and the picture of the sprawling brown bear was in his subconscious mind. With this mind-to-mind linkage Mrs. Jensen was able to conjure up the scene in the crystal ball.

What psychological significance there was for the lad who had trouble in school was not apparent. It is rare, however, that two persons will see in a crystal ball the image of a photo on the front page of a newspaper.


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