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He died with a beatific smile



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

One male volunteer shared the story of his first hospice patient.

He visited a young man, who was dying of AIDS, in his home on several occasions during the last few months of his life. During those visits, he came to view him as a wonderful friend and teacher. As the patient came closer to death, he allowed the volunteer to share his internal processes as he gradually shifted from a physical being to an entirely spiritual one. In the final few days, they experienced times when the patient did not seem to have a physical body at all; his limbs felt as if "they were water." The volunteer felt as though he could pass his hands through the patient's arms in those times when he hovered between this plane and the next one. When he made his transition, the volunteer was there to hear the patient say, "It's beautiful!" as he died with a beatific smile. I feel that he was able to do that easy transition over the last few days because he had resolved his issues in this lifetime and was, therefore, able to focus on his transition process.

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