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Awakened by the howl of a wolf when her uncle died



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Smells associated with the deceased are quite often experienced - Keith Wilson smelled the 'overpowering smell' of his father's tobacco smoke in his car on the way home after his father died. Occasionally music is heard, and Katherine Knight told us of this unusual experience of her sister's, around the time of their uncle's death.

He died in the early hours of the morning in a French hospital in July a couple of years ago. My sister was suddenly awakened around the same time in her London flat by an animal howling.

She thought it was a wolf. She said that it felt as if it was a recording of an animal, and that someone had pressed the 'Play' button on a tape recorder as it was instantaneous. The howling lasted two or three seconds and suddenly stopped as if someone had pressed the 'Stop' button. She was overcome by a sense of extreme fear and had to keep putting her bedside light on. She also huddled underneath the bedcovers because she was so frightened.

While she was feeling scared, she also remembered that the atmosphere was uncannily still. This whole experience lasted approximately 15-20 minutes. We didn't find out until lunchtime the next day that our uncle had died.

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