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My daughter said the room had always been packed with people



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

He was perfectly lucid until the day before he died, and we had many conversations. During some of them he said 'they' were calling and beckoning for him to join them, he could see them as clearly as he saw me. He said he did want to go, but not quite yet.

Only a couple of weeks ago, my youngest daughter (now 23) who was five when he died, started to talk about him and mentioned that many, many people came to see him as he was dying. I was puzzled, for there were only four adults and my two youngest children at any time. My daughter said the room had always been packed with people.

I asked, what they looked, like. She said there were all sorts, men in 'suits', men who looked like farm labourers or workmen with dirty hands, ladies with full skirts and cardigans (not a fashion in vogue at the time), they all talked to my father. To Leonie's five-year-old eyes they looked, as solid and real as we did. I asked her why she hadn't said anything before, and she said she thought I must have seen them too.


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