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Woman senses the heart attack of her father



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Paul Hawker - Secret Affairs of the Soul
This was related by a woman in her late thirties

I was awoken around 2:00 a.m. by the sound of my heart breaking. I know that sounds really odd, but that's what it was. I heard it crack and felt my chest sort of splitting. It was massive, sudden and explosive. The next morning I did all my usual early morning things and got into the car to drive to work. I was sitting at a set of the traffic lights when I became aware of or felt this pressure on the side of my face.

I distinctly remember that the pressure was that of a cheek lightly pressed against mine, sort of cuddling me. The feeling I was filled with at this time was one of love and support-it felt fine. I then felt a hand holding my hand and 'felt' it had no middle finger.

I knew this because there was no pressure in this area. And then it dawned on me. I realized it was my dad's hand; he'd lost his middle finger in a building site accident when I was a little girl.

I continued on to my first appointment, which was a short one, and I returned home after an hour to be met by my husband's words, 'Your dad's gone.' Apparently he'd died from a massive heart attack
during the night. I wasn't at all surprised.

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