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Adamina and Alfredo



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From Death Bed Visions – Sir William Barrett

Quoting from Verdade e Luz San Paolo Brazil, September 1924

A few hours before her death Adamina Lazaro said to her father that she saw near her bed several members of the family, all deceased some years previously.

The father attributed this declaration to a state of delirium, but Adamina insisted with renewed force, and among the invisible 'visitors ' named her own brother, Alfredo, who was employed at the time at a distance of 423 kilometres, on the lighthouse of the port of Sisal.

The father was more and more convinced of the imaginary nature of these visions, well knowing that his son Alfredo was in perfect health, for a few days previously he had sent the best possible news of himself.

Adamina died the same evening, and the next morning her father received a telegram informing him of the death of the young Alfredo.

A comparison of times showed that the dying girl was still living at the time of the death of her brother

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