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Phantasms of the Living - Volume ii - Mrs Taunton sees her dying uncle at a concert



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Extract from Phantasms of the Living volume ii

[from Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death – F W H Myers]

On Thursday evening, 14th November 1867, I was sitting in the Birmingham Town Hall with my husband at a concert, when there came over me an icy chill….

Almost immediately, I saw with perfect distinctness, between myself and the orchestra, my uncle, Mr W, lying in bed with an appealing look on his face, like one dying. 

I had not heard anything of him for several months, and had no reason to think he was ill.  The appearance was not transparent or filmy, but perfectly solid looking and yet I could somehow see the orchestra, not through, but behind it. 

I did not try turning my eyes to see whether the figure moved with them, but looked at it with a fascinated expression that made my husband ask if I were ill.  I asked him not to speak to me for a minute or two; the vision gradually disappeared, and I told my husband after the concert was over, what I had seen. 

A letter came shortly after telling of my uncle’s death.  He died at exactly the time when I saw the vision

Signed by E F Taunton and Richard Taunton [husband of correspondent]

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