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Meeting the angel of death



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This patient had been attacked and kicked nearly to death, he had this experience whilst in the operating room awaiting surgery

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 Margot Grey – Return from Death

I felt the presence of something or some power and I thought 'This is it'.  Next, blackness.  Time became of no more importance.

Next I was drawn into total darkness.  Then I stopped.  It felt like a big hollow room.  It seemed to be  a very large space and totally dark.  I could see nothing, but felt the presence of this power.  I asked the power who I and who he or it was.  Communication was not  through talking.... he answered that he was the Angel of Death.  I believed him.

The Angel went on to say that my life was not as it should be, that he could take me on, but that I would be given a second chance and that I was going back.

The next thing I remember I was in the recovery room, back in my body.  I was so taken in by this experience that I did not notice what kind of body I had, nor how much time had elapsed, it was so real – I believe it.  I did not tell many people about my experience, I did not want to be considered crazy.  But the encounter was very real to me, and I still believe I was with the Angel of Death

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