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Dick French - Carpenter

From Out of body experiences - David Black

‘I know what that’s like’ he said ‘When I’m really physically tired, I’ll be lying in bed, and I’ll feel this surge of energy coming up my back, over my head, stopping sort of behind my eyes. And I’ll be paralysed. Except if I try to move my arm, for instance, like this’ - he swept his arm in toward his chest as though he were gesturing for someone to come closer – ‘It’ll feel like my arm moved. It’ll feel absolutely real. But my physical arm will still be paralysed at my side. Once I tried to get up, and I had the feeling of floating out of my body up toward the ceiling. It’s uncomfortable, but I never thought much about it before’.

A few weeks later, when I met his girlfriend, Emily Samuels, she said ‘I can tell when Dick has that feeling because he just gets very still. Although sometimes he gets rigid like this’. She stiffened, her arms at her sides as though she were standing at attention. ‘He tries to communicate that it’s happening by moving an eyebrow or some small sign like that’

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