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William Buhlman – The Secret of the Soul

Joy M., Santa Barbara , California

My out-of-body experiences are not dreamlike; they are just as real as waking life.  Some of my experiences are very interesting, but most people would think I am crazy.  The first experience of actually leaving my body occurred when I was thirteen. From the time I was eight years old, I would hear ringing and the whole room would start to shake. There was a whirling or shifting in space. I was very scared, and my mom took me to the doctor to see if I had something wrong with me. After that, I would just experience strange episodes of travelling down a tunnel with the ringing and shaking preceding the tunnel. That is why I thought I was sick, or that I had some kind of disease that made me come close to death while I was sleeping.  When I told my father, he said I was dreaming about being born. I accepted that as a good, reasonable answer.

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Night terrors