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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections – Mrs Alice Latham, of Bexhill-on-sea has an OBE



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Dr Robert Crookall – More Astral projections

Case No. 253 - Mrs Alice Latham, of Bexhill-on-sea, sent the following (in litt., May 26, 1961):

On Christmas night, 1958, I was in great discomfort and pain, due to a fall.  About 6.30 p.m. I was lying down, drowsy but awake. I became aware of the fact that I was not alone. What was so remarkable was a feeling of lightness, of buoyancy, as if I were floating high up, near the ceiling. No longer was I conscious of pain. The realization came to me, naturally, that I was out of my physical body which lay there on the bed. I scanned the ceiling and . .. regretfully floated down slightly lower until I found myself back on my couch.

To my utter surprise I then beheld my beloved mother, who had ‘passed over' twenty-four years ago. Seated beside her, on the arm of the chair, was my sister who had 'passed over' at the age of 53. She looked well and happy – much younger than at the time of her 'passing'. We conversed by thought, not word being exchanged. I knew that they must soon depart. As if in answer to my thought, I heard these two words, 'Not yet, not yet, not yet !', growing fainter as they vanished.

I was uplifted and fiIled with joy. A great feeling of peace stole over me. Somehow I knew the waiting, 'ere I joined them, could not be long.

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