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I even heard the name of the baby in the dream, in Hebrew–and the baby’s name meant 'He is to Live'



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from Voices from the womb -  an email Thankful uommy | January 24, 2013 at 7:47 pm | Reply

I was in an abusive relationship with a man who is very controlling and angry. I did not even want this relationship, it was forced on me. It took 2 years to get help and have the courage to leave–when I had a dream that I was pregnant with a son. I even heard the name of the baby in the dream, in Hebrew–and the baby’s name meant “He is to Live”.

I was so impressed by this dream that I went to get a pregnancy test, positive! The second test, also positive. I held that test by my desk at work all day then rushed to the doctor’s office when I was off. The doctor looked at me funny when I came in and said women don’t come in this early for a pregnancy test, you must be mistaken. She was surprised also for a positive result..my little boy was here!

I told the father about the pregnancy and he immediately wanted an abortion, he said he was too old to be a father & did not want to pay child support. I knew I would never abort my baby, I would fight for his life with everything I had. Things were not easy–I had to work two jobs to save money for maternity leave with no help from the father. The baby was pushing on a nerve in my leg so my leg would go numb, and sometimes collapse. I was in PT 2x a week, and still working on up til the day I went into labor. But God has blessed me too–I went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center who was wonderful in giving support & providing things the baby needed (diapers, clothing, car seat etc). I had so many unexpected blessings come my way…and met knew people to be a family to my baby and me.

My little boy was born healthy, and we are enjoying a wonderful life together. I thank God for him every day. xoxox

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