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I knew that my late mother-in-law was standing beside the bed



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The Art of Dying – Dr Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Fifteen years ago, I was woken at 2 a.m. by a sharp push in the back. It woke me up suddenly, but I was not afraid, and just knew that my late mother-in-law was standing beside the bed. I knew exactly who it was, even though I could not see anything at all. I drifted back to sleep and had the most vivid dream, where my 22-year-old son was talking to me. He was telling me that he was dead but that I was not to worry or be upset because he was all right . . . When I woke I was very disturbed and tried to contact my son. I found out later that day that  he had been drowned, the previous night.

 I am convinced that he did contact me, as did his grandmother who loved him deeply. I have drawn great comfort from his visit to me over the years . . . I can assure you that I am not remotely unhinged and am a very down-to-earth lady, but I do know that my experiences are real, and I have talked to many people who have lost loved ones and had similar experiences.

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