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Inter composer communication

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Marchioness Townshend & Maude Ffoulkes
True Ghost Stories

The Return of Villish Mona Veen and the Fairy Flax
Contributed by Miss Thessel Cochrane

Fairy Flax died of an epidemic of gastric influenza which devastated the cat world, and during her illness I nursed her in my bedroom, where she lived and slept with me.

We loved Mona, but this blue-eyed creature was in many ways more human than the “Champion”. Fairy Flax loved to frolic; she jumped through an invisible hoop, like a circus star; it was impossible to feel lonely where she was. Thus, the “miss” of her at times was unspeakable, although during the day, every hour had its appointed tasks.

The third night after her death, Fairy Flax returned. I state this quite seriously, not as a morbid hallucination, and the conviction that this really happened enables me to face possible ridicule or adverse criticism with complete indifference.

I was lying awake; a night-light burned on a nearby table – when suddenly there was a rushing gleam of white. Something sprang on the bed and nestled down in the usual place. It was Fairy Flax! For one moment she was real – then she was gone! She never came again, but I think, like Mona, she was anxious to let “dear Aunt” know that all was well with her.

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Ordinary person

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Townshend, G. & FFoulkes, M., (1936) True Ghost Stories, London:Senate