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Giant strides on the Golden Gate bridge



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which may no longer be available.  It was Scott Dunlap's blog of trail running, ultra running, and triathlon racing in the Western United States. Scott was the 2004 Overall Champion for the Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series (marathon-and-shorter division), the largest trail running series in the world. This blog contained interviews, research, original fiction, new product ideas, and all things trail running….

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Travis” January 2008

The first runner's high I ever had was at the 90 minute mark of the first time I ran 12 miles. It was a gorgeous San Francisco day and I happened to be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge toward the Presidio. I recall looking to my left at the city and I noticed how unbelievably blue the sky was. I thought, "hmm, is that 'azure' or is that 'cerulean?' and then I noticed how the water looked a bit better than usual. It was deep blue and wrinkled with silver splashes of sunlight. Something was definitely going on. Then it built into a state of detachment. I had heard of the runner's high and let it envelop me.

While all my senses were working, I was unconcerned with the negative inputs (traffic noise, pain, etc). Every stride became effortless and I felt like each time a foot landed I had passed about 12 feet. I was bouncing along like the movies of the astronauts on the moon, or so it felt. Like another poster said, I felt like there were no limits to myself and I exulted in the feeling. I was unconcerned about time as everything in the universe seemed to be in synch. I can't really explain it... just a great feeling.

Thanks for letting me share that! After a hiatus I am back into running and working my way back to that mini-nirvana!

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Giant strides


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