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The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences - Dr Penny Sartori

I received a letter from a lady who had been present at her dying mother's bedside.

I read your article in the magazine. I had an experience just before my mum died. Three days before Mum died she slipped into a coma.

I was very close to my mum.  lt's what happened as my mum went into the coma that shocked me. All my family were in my mum's room, I was sitting next to her bed, holding her hand, I held her hand next to my cheek.

Then she was walking a foot pace in front of me, Mum turned around and she looked so happy and well. Then she said, 'Go back now, it's not your turn.' As Mum let go of my hand I seemed to jolt back to reality.

My mum had slipped into a coma. I spoke to a medium, as I was very confused by why it had happened; I thought it only happened to someone who was passing over. The medium said I was honoured to have it happen to me, that my mum was showing me she was safe. I would be grateful if you could explain what happened.

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